We could get deep into keywords. REALLY deep. But I won’t do that here. We’ll take a super-quick look at what keywords are, why they matter, how to find yours, and how you can use them to your benefit.

Keywords are the words that you would use to describe the main topic or product of your website. My main keywords, for example, would be “WordPress”, “website”, and “help” (or “assistance” or any other synonym for “help”). Also “WordPress help” or “website help”, among others.

To find your keywords, imagine the words or phrases your ideal customer would type into Google if they were trying to find you online. Then be sure to use those words in your website copy to increase your chances of being found by Google. Use them as you would in general conversation. The days of trying to force Google to find your site by keyword stuffing are over, and you can be penalized for using too many, or using the same keywords too often in your web copy.

Now you’ve got the basics, I’ll elaborate more in another post.