Could you just use more time?

It’s smart business to spend your time doing what you do best, and that may not include maintaining your website.

I’m that WordPress geek who’s willing to take over the mundane tasks on your site – daily backups, updating themes and plugins, security checks, looking for broken links, keeping the pages loading fast … you know, the boring stuff!

Besides making more time for yourself, and your family and friends, handing off your site maintenance to me means you don’t have to hire an expensive IT guy – you won’t need to pay for office space, training, equipment, or supplies. No social security, state or federal taxes, sick pay, or holiday pay. You’re not responsible for health benefits, 401K or retirement plans.

That’s peace of mind. And more quality time for yourself.

Or you could just join the email list and get my simple, plain language tips in your inbox.

Either way, let’s get your site working like a well-oiled machine!

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