A blog is a great marketing tool, if you follow a few guidelines!

Does everyone need a blog?

Short answer: no.

Need is a strong word. A blog can enhance a business website by keeping it fresh and adding interest, but it’s not critical that you have a blog.

If you have optimized, up-to-date product descriptions, and you revisit them regularly to keep them fresh, that may be enough to keep visitors coming to your site.

What are the benefits of blogging?

By blogging, you separate yourself from the 99 percent of people that don’t blog. (huffpost.com)

Having a blog on your website gives you the opportunity to talk about your products and services in more detail. It gives you the space to share your passion, and your knowledge.

And, as shared by writingcooperative.com, the longer you blog, the more valuable the content you produce, and the larger you can make your following all of which contributes to the credibility you can command. 

What makes a good blog?

There are some things to think about when creating your blog. Not exactly rules… more like guidelines.

  • Post consistently. It doesn’t have to be weekly. Monthly is fine, as long as it’s consistent.
  • Posts should be at least 300 words. You need to give the search engines something to search! If there are not enough words, there’s nothing to “grab”. The suggested sweet spot is 300 words.
  • Have a point! Quality over quantity. If you don’t have something to say, there’s no point in posting.
  •  One post, one topic. Have a focus! Make your post about one topic. Don’t wander from subject to subject. Keep it tight!
  • Make it conversational. Write as if you are talking with a friend over coffee. Using industry jargon or too many acronyms will have your reader diverting to Google!

Now, the choice is yours!

If you have a passion for writing the decision is made for you.

If you struggle a little, look at the last point above. Imagine you are talking with a friend about your topic, write down your part of the conversation … and then edit until it sounds just the way you want it.